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  • T-Proof

    T-Proof® is a coating technology effective against formicary corrosion. Luvata's uniform coating thickness, with X-ray analysis of the tin deposit, assures coating quality.

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  • High strength Unilloy

    Luvata’s Unilloy® tube is composed of a high-strength CuNiSn alloy.  It’s often chosen when developing next generation heat exchangers that use CO2 and other high pressure refrigerants.

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  • TIAC

    Luvata offers the continuous 1-ton Tube-In-A-Cube® (TIAC®) package – a solution which requires fewer changeovers in downstream manufacturing, resulting in less scrap and greater uptime on equipment.

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  • Advanced heat transfer surfaces

    Global requirements for energy efficiency in air conditioning systems are becoming more stringent. Luvata is leading the way through continuous development of advanced heat transfer tube surfaces.

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