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  • Beyond the ordinary

    Luvata has a diverse knowledge of metals and processes and an unmatched range of end-markets and global footprint. These help us to meet our customers' challenges and deliver solutions that improve their products and processes.

    That’s 'Partnerships beyond metals'.

  • Sunwire Evolution

    From a product that made the automated mass-production of photovoltaic solar panels possible, to the straightest, softest and flattest photovoltaic wire available on the market today - Sunwire's evolution continues.

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  • Field proven T-Proof

    We have placed over 100-million T-Proof® coated hairpins in the field since 2004 with no reported formicary corrosion failures. 

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  • When one moment without cooling is one moment too long

    Because every data center is unique, it's important to have a partner who takes precise temperature control just as seriously.

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  • Our strategy is simple

    We want to be the partner of choice for our customers, the employer of choice for our staff and a responsible member of society. Our products are found in essential parts of modern life such as energy, science and healthcare.

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