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2007, a record year for ISC Systems

January 24, 2008
2007, was a record year for Luvata’s ISC Systems, specialists in the planning and production of automotive air-conditioning system charging and maintenance equipment, which ended the year with a growth rate of over 25% over the last two year period.

This is due to constant attention to the increasingly advanced needs of the market and to continued research for innovative and technologically advanced solutions to satisfy the growing need for repair shop automation.

ISC Systems, which has grown successfully for over twenty years in the automotive sector, is proud of its long-held partnerships with the largest OEM operators in the sector for whom it studies, plans and carries out personalised solutions. The company is also well-known in the market for the planning and direct distribution of ISC Systems equipment, a mature benchmark brand that has been receiving growing operator endorsement.

During 2007, ISC Systems reinforced its presence in the European market, which has always been a principle reference point for this company with a strong international drive. In 2008, as well as further consolidation in the continental market, significant developments are expected in the extra-European market.

Already commercially present in South America, ISC Systems, strengthened by the Luvata industrial group synergy, is preparing to expand into China and Southeast Asia, areas which are enjoying strong economic expansion and which have an established culture of automobile air-conditioning.

To maintain its competitiveness at the highest level, ISC Systems regularly collaborates with noteworthy institutions and research organizations such as the Engineering Department at the University of Udine. For 2008, it is in the advanced research stage for the launch of new products containing intuitive electronics that complete and improve existing product lines.

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