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Art Museum in Tallinn

The art museum Kumu in Tallinn has been recently finalized, though it was inaugurated in 2005. The building is one of the most important projects since Estonia got its independence. The art museum was designed by Finnish architect Pekka Vapaavuori, who won the high-class architectural contest in competition from as many as 230 entries.

Museum’s facade is almost entirely clad by patinated copper.

Contractor for the copper installation was Estonian company Esco AS, led by Siimon Peep. A close cooperation with the Finnish copper manufacturer was a condition for a successful project. Peep told us that one of the pre-manufactured models for the cassettes was approved. The cassette, fabricated with a welt machine, met the requirements from the planners and was installed on the museum’s facade.

The vast, green-patinated and rounded copper surface gives the building and impressive and distinguished exterior that will be seen by many visitors to the museum.

The copper parts for the Art Museum were delivered from Finland to Tallinn, where sheet metal works Esco arranged with a special area for the project. In this way the pre-manufacturing could be done as a separate project, before the actual installation. Head of the installation work was Imre Tael and the planning was done by Raul Aprimann. On the site, 10-15 people worked with the installation in different shifts.

A large amount of green patinated Nordic Green copper was used in the project; for the outer facade 2,200m2 (of which approximately 1,200 m2 are curved parts), the inner facade approximately 1,300m2 (of which 650m2 perforated material). 500m2 cassettes and sheets and 120m2 Nordic Green and Nordic Brown grating were used for the outer facade.

Architect: Pekka Vapaavuori
Copper work: Esco AS, Tallinn
Copper material: Outokumpu Copper Products Oy
Main contractor: Merko/Estonia
Text: Summarized from an article by Hannele Numminen
Photos: Siimon Peep and Hannele Numminen


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