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Copper - Essential for Everyone

"How do you achieve a balance between EU policies that focus on sustainability and resource efficiency, and those that are necessary to maintain a competitive business environment in Europe?"

A difficult question needs a clear answer. Renewable and highly efficient energies, high-speed trains, smart grids, and many more applications that are at the heart of EU policies rely on copper. On 29 June the European Copper Institute (ECI) invites you to a debate tackling this issue: can the EU gain leadership in these technologies while imposing the highest regulatory standards globally on its underlying industries?

The event will be hosted by the MEPs Piotr Borys and Jacek Protasiewicz in the European Parliament in Brussels. Other speakers will include Dr. Bernd Drouven, CEO of Aurubis, Mr. Karl Falkenberg, Director General DG Environment, and a representative from a leading energy supply company and an NGO. Cathy Smith will moderate the debate.

After the debate, ECI invites you to a cocktail reception for the opening of the exhibition "Copper - Essential for Everyone", showcasing the crucial role that copper plays in our everyday lives.

Policy debate: "European Industrial Policy - Striking a Delicate Balance"

Tuesday, June 29th 2010 starting 15.30
European Parliament, Brussels, Room JAN 6Q1, 3rd floor, JAN Building

Moderated by Cathy Smith, Brussels correspondent with Deutsche Welle

  • Karl Falkenberg, European Commission Director General for Environment 
  • Bernd Drouven, CEO Aurubis
  • European Energy Company (tbc) 
  • Environmental NGO (tbc)

To confirm your participation and to find out more, visit www.essentialforeveryone.eu




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