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‘Copper Heavy Metal Tour’ makes first stop at Luvata Buffalo

(10 November 2009) – The 136,000-pounds of copper cathode made its first tour stop at Luvata Buffalo continuing its journey which began at the Kennecott Utah Copper mine and refinery in Salt Lake City, Utah and which will ultimately conclude with it becoming the façade for the new home of the Utah Museum of Natural History, the Rio Tinto Center, at the University of Utah.  In Buffalo, Luvata transformed the copper cathode into three different coil products, pure copper, bronze and brass.

During its stop at Luvata Buffalo, the copper cathode is first melted and cast into cake, hot rolled, then machined to remove any oxidation before cold rolling.  Once the material is cold rolled, it is then annealed and then each of the 5,000-pound coils are packaged for shipment.  The entire process gives new life, shine and visual appeal to the copper that will last a lifetime as part of the exterior to the new museum building.

“Luvata is proud to be a player on the ‘Copper Heavy Metal Tour’.  The Utah Museum of Natural History’s new building will be a tribute, both inside and outside, to the important role copper has played in our history,” concludes Mark Krysiak, Sales and Marketing Manager with Luvata Buffalo, Inc.

“Fans following the Museum’s Heavy Metal Tour on Facebook, Twitter at UMNHnewmuseum, or by visiting the Museum’s website at www.umnh.utah.edu receive a front row seat in learning how copper is mined, processed and renewed into what will be one of the Utah’s most expressive and admired architectural endeavors,” states Janet Frasier, Museum Marketing Manager.

The copper cathode is part of Rio Tinto’s, parent company to Kennecott Utah Copper, $15 million donation to the Museum.  The new building will include a unique copper exterior that enhances its architectural appeal by playing with the subtle variation in copper’s natural patina.  By using a combination of alloys to create the finished panels, there will be slight difference in how each one weathers over time offering unique appeal for museum visitors.  Copper was identified early in the design process as the material of choice based on its timelessness, durability and strong ties to the Utah community.

The next stop on the ‘Copper Heavy Metal Tour’, is Mesa, Arizona where Umicor will transform the coils into 4’X10’ panels.  The panels will then make the final journey back to Salt Lake City, where Noorda will prepare them for installation.  The final installation of the facade is schedule to begin in March 2010.


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