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ECO Pocenia achieves ISO 14001 certification

February 28, 2008
At the end of 2007, Eco (Pocenia site) was proud to achieve the ISO 14001 certification, the world’s most renowned and respected environmental management award. This is the latest accomplishment of a process that has involved in turn each Italian plant and fully corresponds to the Luvata Group’s commitment towards sustainable and environmentally friendly growth, both in terms of production processes and the final product.

A standardised and certified environmental management system provides a double advantage: internally, it nurtures a more aware and conscious management of the environmental impact of our actions as it implies a deep knowledge and control of every single process’ input and output.
Externally, it provides a guarantee that each stage of the production process has been evaluated, checked and approved according to strict standards, both for the safety of the company and the community as a whole.

“ECO’s specific approach to the award is to regard it not as a final target, but as the foundation of the continuous development program that must involve every single phase in the value creation chain,” says Marco Grillo, Environment and Safety Manager Europe. “For the coming year” - he explains – “we have also planned to extend our certifications to include Spain and consolidate the Systems business unit in our Amaro plant. Regarding the Torreglia site, the integration process that we are currently leading should enable us to achieve the award by the end of 2008 or early 2009”.

The consideration that ECO puts into the environmental impact that its operations may have on our present and future quality of life is a key factor in its development: it enables the company to progress and is the difference between a diligent observance of the law and a proactive awareness of the benefits that a sustainable growth process can bring.

With environmental impact a key concern for the entire HVACR industry and the challenges that the economic system as a whole now faces in order to meet international regulations and find alternative development tracks to follow, ECO puts its sense of responsibility and ethics into concrete investments, which in turn bring significant business advantages.

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