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ECO launches a new unit cooler for the refrigeration market

March 12, 2008
Thanks to ECO’s technical know-how, the introduction of the CTE 500 consolidates the Group’s commercial and industrial refrigeration offer range

In line with the commitment to continuously seek innovative solutions and the ability to anticipate the technical requirements of the market and meet sustainability requisites, ECO has launched the CTE 500, a cooler that has specifically been optimized for application in the food processing industry.

CTE 500 is the latest extension of ECO’s renowned and appreciated commercial refrigeration range for large commercial and industrial installations and it is the result of specific requests coming from the market for the preservation of fresh produce and foodstuff in medium-sized and large cold rooms.

High quality, rigorous production process standards and innovative manufacturing logic allow ECO to offer an exceptional price/performance ratio. Thanks to this, the new CTE 500 is especially competitive in applications in which - due to distinctive reliability and quality requirements - cost reductions must not compromise operational efficiency.

Maximum linearity of the available duty sequence in the ECO offer is given thanks to a nominal capacity of 8,2 to 57 kW, therefore offering a more comprehensive product range.

The coil fitted in this model is manufactured according to standard project specifics which have amply been tested: 1332 geometry coil with 12,7 mm inner grooved copper tube and smooth fins (not louvered) that, in practical conditions and possible presence of ice build-up, guarantee constant performance and thermal exchange levels. In accordance to the types of cold room and preservation required (minimum temperature –35°C), the proposed fin spacing is 4,6 mm and 8,5mm.

The CTE 500 has a base length of 1184 mm and given its modular structure it can reach 3734 mm with 4 diameter 500mm fan motors, totalling a weight of 250 kg (for industrial applications). The model structure complies with ECO product quality and safety standards.

As to assure maximum protection during transport, the CTE 500 is supplied in specifically designed cardboard boxes equipped with wooden braces; in order to facilitate handling, the position of the headers and braces are clearly marked on the external sides of the box.

ECO has always been engaged, for all its product ranges, in the development of reduced environmental impact technological solutions and in this respect the CTE 500 is available for CO2 eco-compatible applications, in compliance to international directives governing energy preservation and the global-warming containment.

CTE 500 can also be personalized according to particular project requirements and upon specific customer request.

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