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For the greater green

Luvata contributes to first “green supermarket” in Friuli

When talking about global warming and the consequences of dramatic climate change, science has no doubts that this is caused by the increased carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere. Kyoto Protocol 2 has been the first step taken in order to limit green house gas emissions released into the atmosphere. Even though figures are not yet encouraging, technology is capable of finding even better solutions.  This optimism is based on the results achieved against the hole in the ozone layer that – after the implementation of the Montreal Protocol measures  - are now succeeding.

The refrigeration and air-conditioning sector has taken a positive role in this process, giving start to the technological revolution that began 20 years ago, yet today however, there still exists significant potential for fighting global warming.

The food chain industry is an ideal setting for further innovation, by improving products’ efficiency and integrating them with new energy sources aimed at reducing consumption and eliminating harmful emissions.

As the leading supplier of commercial refrigeration solutions, Luvata has been active for many years in offering products that operate with natural refrigerants, like CO2, that feature unique heat exchanger geometry designs that require low refrigerant loads and delivering coolers with extremely high efficiency that pay back quickly through energy savings.

Through its partnerships with an extensive list of supermarket chain stores, Luvata continues to demonstrate its commitment to green, by offering innovative products and solutions used extensively in pilot projects, like “green supermarkets”.

SPAR – Azzano X (PN) – ITALY

This supermarket is the 31° Eurospar branch in Friuli V.G. and is 1.450 sq.m. in size.  Largely pioneered and introduced by FriulFrigo (Codroipo, UD), the “green” supermarket has been designed to considerably reduce energy consumption: from low energy consumption display-cases to compressors equipped with an inverter; from the electronic expansion valves to the recovery of heat generated by the system being used to warm water; all stores have been designed to minimize the impact on the environment and optimise the energy resources used. 

Greatly attributing to the success of the pilot test is Luvata’s ECT cubic evaporators, the EDF dual discharge evaporators and new KCE condensers, distributed to FriulFrigo by ECR Italy.

Every single cold room – including the low temperature ones and those dedicated to the preservation of fresh food, from the fish cold room to the fruit and vegetables’ – has been fitted with electronic commutation fan motor evaporators, that guarantee savings on energy absorption from 25% to 80% when compared to traditional solutions. This translates to notable energy savings during the product life cycle and a higher efficiency, due to the minor indirect heat emission into the room.

With reference to the condensing section, models of the new KCE range have been selected and among the KCEs that have been installed there is one with an extended coil module that - in the ultra-slow fan motor version with optimized blades at 12 pole rotation mode and inverter control – can achieve class A energy efficiency with a remarkably low sound emission level of 33dB (A) at 10 meters.

“Luvata products truly deliver results and this isn’t by chance.  We have partnered with them for years,” says Rosano Scaini, FriulFrigo’s owner. “I can personally attest that the KCE’s new structure is excellent, as it gives good sturdiness to the product. Being an experimental project, we will continue to monitor the performance of the stores, to confirm their similar results in more extreme conditions”.

About Luvata

Luvata’s Heat Transfer Solutions division is the leading global manufacturer of finned pack heat exchangers, playing a prominent role in the design and production of air units for the refrigeration and air conditioning sectors as well as AC refilling and maintenance equipment for the automotive industry. With a prominent presence in America, Europe and Asia and plans for further expansion in emerging markets, Heat Transfer Solutions division is the reliable business partner for HVAC&R players worldwide.

Luvata is the leading international metals supplier of solutions, services, components and materials for manufacturing and construction. Luvata’s solutions are used in industries such as power generation, architecture, automotive, transport, medicine, air-conditioning, industrial refrigeration, consumer products and construction. The company’s continued success is attributed to its longevity, technological excellence and strategy of building partnerships beyond metals. Employing over 7,000 staff in 18 countries, Luvata works in partnership with customers such as Siemens, Toyota, CERN, Shaaz, and DWD International.



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