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Gemaire partners with Luvata for coil-corrosion protection

(28 January 2013). Gemaire Distributors and Luvata have partnered to make Luvata’s spray applied coil-corrosion protection available on the entire line of Gemaire HVAC equipment.  In addition, Gemaire sales center locations in Southeast Florida have begun stocking popular SC13AJN and SC14AJM series condensers that already include Luvata’s spray applied coil-corrosion protection.

Branded “Seacoast Coating” protection by Gemaire, Luvata Insitu® is a water-based, synthetic flexible polymer coating, engineered specifically to extend the lives of HVAC/R heat transfer coils and components. With excellent resistance to moisture, corrosion, ultraviolet rays and high temperatures, the spray-applied coating maintains operating efficiency while reducing maintenance and operating costs and comes with a five year warranty.

"In coastal environments like Florida where the heat, sand and salt can have a detrimental impact on HVAC/R systems, our customers want the coil-corrosion protection that extends the service life of their system,” indicates Ken Connell, President of Gemaire Distributors.  “When they need a new unit though, they don’t want to wait.  By stocking our most popular units with the coil protection already applied, now they don’t have to.”  

“Given a choice at the point of sale between a coated or uncoated unit, we are confident Gemaire customers will see the value of our coating and we hope to expand this program with Gemaire to other coastal sale service locations,” said Mike Powell, Director Sales and Marketing with Luvata ElectroFin.  “Partnering with Gemaire and expanding our coatings business with certified Luvata Insitu applicators are ways we are working to meet the growing demand for our coil coatings.”

Luvata offers two proven protective coatings for HVACR equipment - ElectroFin® E-coat and Luvata Insitu. Insitu is spray-applied to equipment on location, whereas ElectroFin E-Coat is a factory-applied, full-immersion solution. Both are recognized internationally by HVACR equipment manufacturers as the best corrosion protection coatings for coastal environments. 


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