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HVDC-coolers to Project Estlink

September 22, 2005
Coiltech will provide 22 HVDC-coolers for the Project Estlink HVDC Light link. The Estlink - the first interconnection between the Baltics and Nordic electricity markets - forms part of the European Union’s plans to expand interconnections in Europe, and is an important step towards increasing energy efficiency.

11 of Coiltech HVDC-coolers will be placed at the station in Estonia and the remaining at the station in Finland. This is an important and exciting delivery for Coiltech, as we are introducing a completely new construction design for the tube ends and headers.

The link will cross the Gulf of Finland and connect to substations near Tallinn and Helsinki. The whole link will be underground or underwater by high-tech extruded (oil-free) HVDC Light cables; there will be no overhead lines.

Estlink’s primary objective is to supply the Nordic electricity market with electricity generated in the Baltics. The Estlink also allows for electricity transit and, in the long-term, provides an alternative electricity purchase channel to cover potential deficits of generating capacity. The whole project will be completed in 20 months.

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