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ICE Star: innovative

(12 July 2010) - ICE Star is the innovative new ”star” in automobile A/C system maintenance just launched by ISC Systems, part of the Luvata Group. Designed for systems running on either the new gas 1234yf or the current R134a, ICE Star complies with both the American and European safety regulations, in addition to the SAE directives (Society of Automotive Engineers). Thanks to its unique design and incorporation of the safest and most durable components, ICE Star is completely anti-sparking. As with all ISC Systems’ ranges, it guarantees the highest performance and quality standards.

ICE Star is the result of a study conducted by Luvata in cooperation with the Fiat Research Centre (CRF), the University of Udine and the TÜV Rheinland; the outcome is a system optimised to meet the desired functionality and durability criteria identified during the study.

In order to guarantee maximum precision, the recovery and charge functions have been improved, as well as the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance management, now much easier thanks to the direct access to the scales and the pressure sensors that no longer require removal and subsequent installation of the refrigerant container.

The ventilation system efficiency (optimised through the appropriate Control Fluid Dynamics (CFD) study performed by CRF) assures the highest heat dissipation capacity; the placement of a tachymetric fan at the bottom of the equipment takes out incidental gas leaks and directs them out through the garage ventilation system.

The two recovery modes – designed to meet both the SAE regulation and the needs of the operator - satisfy the timing requirement of the modern garage: the “Eco” mode assures the maximum amount of gas recovery, whilst the “Fast” mode allows a perfect combination of speed and accuracy. This recovery operation has been made easier by an oversized condenser, an electric valve, for the management of non-condensable gases through a sintered filter, and an airtight container for the oil discharge, avoiding any possible risk deriving from a gas leak.

ICE Star comprises three oil injection modes: an oil container with quick coupler, sealed bottles for PAG oil and the new one for hybrid cars that uses POE oil. The innovative service alarm alerts when the equipment, the car AC system or the maintenance service aren’t working properly.

A USB slot is standard; Ethernet and wi-fi are optional, as well as a wide range of functions and accessories that meet the most specific garage operator’s needs: nitrogen flushing is also an available option.

Stefano Collavini, technical manager, says: “ICE Star is an innovative concept, developed based on the criteria provided by the most experienced and qualified research and market operators in the automotive sector. We believe this product further cements our path of innovation, relentlessly pursued by ISC Systems and the entire Luvata Group.”

Andrea Dozio, sales & marketing manager adds: “The first opportunity for the public to catch a glimpse of the ICE Star will be at the Automechanika Frankfurt at the booths of our major European distributors. Prototypes will be tested by the most renowned car producing companies and we will start the official launch at the end of 2010. We are enthusiastic about presenting this product to the market and we are anticipating a very satisfactory return, from current customers and those new clients and OEM players that are more recent partners with us as well.”

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