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ISC Systems launches its new 2008 Database

February 22, 2008
ISC Systems specialists in the planning and production of automotive air-conditioning system charging and maintenance equipment, has recently announced the upcoming launch of its new and complete database for the support of automobile air-conditioning system maintenance.

Available from April as a complement to all of the newly produced ISC Systems equipment, the database will be contained on one easily installed CD for quick consultation.

With a simple, intuitive interface, the database will contain full details of the air-conditioning systems in existing automobiles in five languages (Italian, English, French, Spanish and German).

As well as the information related to AC systems in various automobile models, divided by name and specific model (e.g. the amount of fluid necessary, type of compressor used, density of the oil in the system), the ISC Systems database also contains approximately 1,500 photos and illustrations of the positioning of the high and low pressure system connections, 8,000 images related to the positioning of the anti-pollen filter and 4,600 complete air-conditioning layouts.

The ISC Systems database contains more information than a traditional Memory Card or the advanced databases on electronically evolved equipment as it offers a complete panorama on any automobile AC system, giving clear and legible information that is generally unavailable or not present on other equipment. The ISC Systems database makes the use of ISC equipment and repair shop maintenance work easier, guiding each operation in light of the clear and complete designs and mapping provided.

With this new initiative, developed in collaboration with Autronica, Gruppo E.T.A.I., a leading operator in the supply of professional information in the automotive field, ISC Systems continues its strategy of innovation and service to the customer, who is accompanied in all stages of the planning, acquisition, use of and assistance with its equipment, and with continuous commitment towards the improvement of its own performance and maximum satisfaction for its partners.

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