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Introducing PKE, the new quiet ECO branded condenser range

July 7, 2008
PKE is the new range of ECO Coils&Coolers branded air condensers launched by Luvata for commercial AC and refrigeration applications.

It is the enhanced offspring of the PCE range (currently phasing out), with improved efficiency and optimized sound emission parameters. The new PKE range also conforms at best to environmental compatibility and is in compliance with the rigorous noise pollution regulations.

The new productive strategy is based on a renewed attention towards the required functions of the machine, for the benefit of both the user and the installer during installation and/or upkeep.

The PKE also offers an improved hauling and fastening system, thanks to new features. Moreover, the side panels are removable allowing easy access to the units’ internal compartments, which have been increased by 120 mm. In order to facilitate maintenance and service, the PKE range has also been equipped with special door holders with a hold open feature. For models with 4 and 5 fan motors, the number of doors has been reduced and the width has been increased, as to allow easy access to the internal components. Lastly, the base has been reinforced for particularly difficult installations.

In connection with sustainability, the PKE boasts important features, which makes it a range that respects the environment and people.
Thanks to a compartment incorporated with the condenser to enclose the compressing and the electrical control units, called housing, the PKE range does not require long connection pipe-work, thus reducing the risk of possible leaks.

The special internal surface of the compressor compartment has been designed so as to increase sound absorption. Also available - as an option for most of the PKE models - are the latest generation of external rotor motors with hybrid sickle blades, which are capable of offering reduced sound emission, –3db(A), with the same rotation speed: reducing the sound pressure of 50% in comparison with traditional solutions, with the evident advantage of acoustical comfort.

There is the possibility to also use electronically commutated fan motors, which reduce and optimize energy consumption, with easy control of revolutions and free from magnetic noise, with evident economic, operational and environmental advantages.

“This product is the result of exceptional and efficient study and design,” explains Umberto Di Barbora, Product Manager Luvata for ventilated units. “Its operational, performance and structural qualities have already been recognized; as a matter of fact, there is an increasing demand for this range, also for air conditioning and supermarket refrigeration applications.”

Like all ECO Coils&Coolers ventilated units, even the PKE range is available for CO2 applications. 

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