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KCE: Flexibile sturdiness

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The carrying frame of the KCE 800/901000 consists of two side covers, reinforced by top and bottom plates. The side panel contributes to the sturdiness of the entire structure. The top plate provides torsional stiffness and allows for the compatible number and diameter of required fan motors. The bottom plate makes the cover stronger and supports the finned pack of the coil.


(12 October 2009):  Luvata’s newest line of ECO Coils&Coolers-branded remote condensers and liquid coolers named – KCE, provides flexibility in terms of coil dimensions and the number of fan motors and diameters, packaged together in a quality constructed outer shell. The innovative design concept behind the KCE line is based on the technical and commercial market demands to deliver energy savings and a reduction in the volume of cooling liquid employed during operation.

The development of the KCE line involves a complete transformation away from traditional thinking to overhaul every single aspect of the product: from its broad range of model choices and options to the material choices and structural layout.

The KCE’s innovative design has allowed for several interesting improvements: by shifting the carrying structure from the coil to the side panels, the fixing points for supports and lifting brackets become independent from the coil side panels and sectors, and are now better distributed on the carrying structure of the model.

The resulting special shape of the carrying panels and legs offer solid support to the coil and halt elastic oscillations.  By freeing up the coil from it previous structural role, these solutions make the entire KCE line extremely versatile, since the number of motors and diameter can be fully customized.

The focus on the choice of casing materials - galvanized steel or pre-painted galvanized steel – combines sturdiness and corrosion resistance into attractive design.  All of these enhancements combined contribute further to the overall sturdiness and stiffness of the unit.

“The KCE line offers excellent modularity and flexibility, allowing us to provide a truly complete and satisfying product for even the most advanced application segments,” says Umberto Di Barbora, product manager at Luvata. “The advantages offered by this line have been so positively received by customers that Luvata plans to apply the same design concept to all of its condensers and liquid coolers.”

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