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Laajasalo Church awarded with CDA's European award

Copper in Architecture Awards 12 were presented in London on September 21, 2005.

At an event in London judges of the 2005 COPPER IN ARCHITECTURE AWARDS have announced the results or this design-led competition, which now includes two separate awards for the best recently completed buildings in the UK and in other participating European countries.

The European Awards saw a clear winner with Kari Jarvinen Ja Merja Nieminen’s beautiful Laajasalo Church in Finland. The winning Laajasalo Church uses copper in ‘strata’, almost like a cliff face, with soft colours and controlled tones, which will develop over time, adding to the harmonious relationship with its natural landscape setting. The build-up of copper panels is concealed with flat, striated surfaces creating an extreme horizontality and tactile quality. The light, airy interior spaces also possess a strong quality and all the materials used blend harmoniously.

Material: Luvata Nordic Green PLUS


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