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Logic S Futura: the 5-star semi-automatic AC system

(7 October 2009):  “S Futura” is the latest development in ISC Systems-branded equipment for the maintenance and diagnostics of car air conditioning (AC) systems. Beginning in 2008, the company has been enhancing its range of products, all hallmarked with the high level of quality and innovative thinking that ISC customers have come to expect.

This latest launch covers all ranges, from manual equipment to the most advanced, automatic units, all of which feature a single common denominator: a product design that ensures that every machine provides the highest level of performance reliability available on the market today.

This same approach can be seen with the introduction of the new Logic S Futura, a semi-automatic unit that Systems introduced in 2008 and that won immediate market success as a result of its excellent price-performance ratio. In fact, the purchase cost of Logic S Futura is recouped within the first season of use, offering a cost effective solution for those sensitive to price - without foregoing quality.

Like the rest of the ISC Systems-branded products, Logic S Futura offers a unique design that focuses special attention towards all components that impact the product’s performance. The entire line was designed, constructed and tested to deliver reliability, efficacy and maximum efficiency while operating.

Systems thoroughly tests the functions of all its service stations before they leave the factory. Additional tests are also performed by dedicated software installed onto the machine’s memory. These additional checks confirm the proper functions of the electrical and pneumatic systems.

The electrical tests verify the quality and reliability of the electrical components fitted in the unit (safety system operation, cabling, solenoid valves and motor operation, transducer calibration, etc.). The pneumatic tests check the system’s gas impermeability, ensuring that there are no leaks.  ISC Systems places particular importance to the latter operation, and in fact these tests are run in two regimes, under pressure and in vacuum conditions. In both cases, the maintenance of the respective pressure over time is recorded.

Like all other Systems’ products, Logic S Futura is certified in compliance with Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) standards for pressurized equipment and plant (category 2), and also in compliance with the Machinery Directive, the Low Voltage Directive, and the Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive.


Logica S Futura Technical details



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