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Luvata building a house to showcase copper

At the Holiday Housing Fair taking place on June 13 - July 6, 2008 in Pori, Finland, Luvata will introduce a new prefabricated roof system with integrated solar collectors and demonstrate the versatile applications of copper in modern architecture at Villa Luvata.

Luvata became interested in the fair due to its theme ”Building in demanding circumstances”. That was a perfect match for copper.

"The Villa Luvata project goes a long way towards demonstrating the unique contributions that copper can make to buildings. Copper solutions are resilient, durable and maintenance free. They can offer low building-lifecycle costs, huge versatility to architects and, above all, solar energy for everyone," comments John-Peter Leesi, Luvata CEO .


***Please note that, since the sale of the Rolled Products division to Aurubis on 1 September 2011, enquiries concerning this product should be addressed to info@aurubis.com.***


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