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Luvata celebrates Pori swimming complex inauguration

(Luvata: Pori, Finland. 23 September 2011).  Luvata Pori joins its local community to celebrate the inauguration of its EUR 17.5 million swimming complex.  The swimming hall is Finland’s largest single public building specifically designed to produce heat and electricity from the sun by using a unique combination of solar thermal and photovoltaic technologies.

The hall boasts 360-square meters of photovoltaic panels, that include Luvata’s solar ribbon Sunwire™, satisfying 3% of the electricity demand for the complex.  Sunwire is a copper-based flat wire used to connect silicon cells electrically and to carry out current in crystalline silicon and thin-film photovoltaic modules. In addition solar collectors that will produce 120,000 kWh per year and meet 5% of the swimming pool heating needs have also been incorporated into the swimming facility.

“As a leading manufacturer of solar ribbon and a strong supporter of SolarForum and other solar energy development projects, Luvata is proud to have played a part in bringing years of swimming enjoyment to our local community,” indicates Jussi Helavirta, Executive Vice-President with Luvata.

The swimming complex includes a 50-meter swimming pool with 8 lanes, which meets international requirements for competition, and offers additional amenities such as massage rooms, conference rooms, a fitness room, cafeteria and service facilities.


Images: Esa Kyyrö


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