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Luvata congratulates Finnish football award recipients

Photograph: Jussi Eskola

The Football Association of Finland (SPL) and the Finnish Football League have recognized the Finnish football players of the year. Jari Karppinen from FC Reipas received the 2010 Captain’s Ball and Laura Österberg- Kalmari and Sami Hyypiä received the awards for best football players.

The Captain’s Ball was awarded to Jari Kauppinen for his positive contributions towards Finnish football. His example has motivated others to join in to show their support and interest towards football.

The women’s award winner, Laura Österberg-Kalmari, has shown a willingness to learn new things and a true love for the game of football. Her passing and scoring skills are exceptional, playing competitively week-in and week-out with the best players in the world.

The men’s player of the year, Sami Hyypiä, was recognized for his exceptional work ethic and professional attitude towards the game of football. He was also selected as the German Bundesliga’s best central defender last spring.

Winners received the coveted copper awards, a ‘golden’ football made from Luvata Nordic Royal, an alloy of copper and aluminum that gives the ball its unique golden hue. 

The metal balls were designed and produced by Jnius Design.

Luvata would like to congratulate Jari, Laura and Sami and other winners. We wish them continued success with their football careers.


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