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Luvata displays scope at 2010 AHR Expo

From the micro cooling tube that makes Netbooks possible to the refrigerated containers that keep pineapples on ships as fresh as the day they were picked – from ozone-friendly soda-chillers in football stadiums to the comfort of an air-conditioned hotel room: Luvata makes all of this and just about everything in between.

At the world’s largest HVAC/R marketplace, the Air-Conditioning, Heating and Refrigerating (AHR) Expo 2010 held Jan. 25-27 in Orlando, Florida, Luvata unites its Heat Transfer Solutions Division, including Luvata ElectroFin, and its ACR Tubes Division together in one exhibition booth #4538, providing visitors with the rare opportunity to see everything we do that is HVAC/R related with just one stop.

Luvata ElectroFin, Inc. – coil coating protection

We've got you covered!  ElectroFin® E-coat is recognized internationally by major OEMs as the best corrosion protection for fin and tube heat exchangers in coastal environments.  ElectroFin Insitu® is a spray-applied corrosion-resistant coil coating designed to be used in the field. It was developed to meet the need for HVAC/R corrosion protection when time is critical, and a factory-based coating is not an option. 

Luvata Heat Transfer Solutions – one custom designed coil or a million

We enjoy a challenge, so whatever you are trying to achieve, Luvata can help.  We provide a wide variety of configurations in fin, tube, and material construction to deliver precise and reliable heat transfer solutions.

Luvata’s Aluminum Microchannel products are designed to help our commercial HVAC customers to increase unit efficiency, boost EER ratings and lower electrical inputs and refrigerant charge requirements.

Luvata ACR Tubes – supplier of choice for quality copper tubing

Offering both cast-and-roll and high performance roll-and-weld technologies, Luvata offers an exciting new list of product and packaging solutions:

  • HERRINGBONE CROSSHATCH™ (2V-XH™) a high performance roll-and-weld heat transfer surface
  • UNILLOY™ high strength ACR tube
  • UNIGUARD™ to combat formicary corrosion
  • Tube-In-A-Cube™ (TIAC™) a revolutionary new idea in tube packaging

Stop by our AHR booth #4538 and let us show you what we can do for you.

For more information please contact:

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Luvata ElectroFin, Inc.
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Luvata Grenada LLC
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Ed Rottmann, Vice President, Sales Marketing & Product Development
Luvata Franklin, Inc.
Tel: +1 270 586 8201, ext. 114


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