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Luvata's refrigeration appears at Centrecon's ‘Expert Day’

Luvata at Centrecon Event

Pictured:  Umberto Di Barbora and Davide Bianco explain Luvata's excellent technology on Expert Day.


On the 12th of May, at an event themed “Developments in Refrigeration”, Luvata provided installers with practical information in developments in refrigeration which will enable them to be best prepared for the future. The event, called "Expertdag" (Expert Day) was organized by wholesale distributor Centercon B.V. It was attended by Luvata’s Davide Bianco, Senior S&M Manager, and Umberto Di Barbora, Global Product Manager for Commercial Coolers,

Centercon’s leading suppliers gave presentations about new refrigeration technology at the event in Landgoed Zonheuvel - a beautiful woodland location in The Netherlands. There was also a small exhibition where suppliers presented their latest developments.

As Luvata is also one of the largest CO2 cooler manufacturers in the world, it plays a fundamental role in the propagation of natural refrigerant technology knowledge. For this reason Luvata's booth generated considerable interest. Umberto presented many innovative Luvata solutions based on natural fluids, green technologies and illustrated the ultimate solutions for different requirements.

Due to new regulations introduced by the EU, such as ErP and F-Gas, the debate on new refrigerants and technologies is very intense. Centercon and Luvata have been working for many years in partnership to provide innovative solutions to the market. Luvata is convinced that events like the Centercon Expert Day are essential to give the market correct information, especially with many forthcoming opportunities and challenges.

"The Expert Day was a successful, dynamic and informative event", says Merel Roest (Centercon Marketing Assistant and Event Manager). Davide agrees and adds: "It was a fantastic occasion to meet the end users and share with them our knowledge. We are convinced that customer satisfaction is the key to success for the Centeron and Luvata cooperation."

Umberto added: "We want to thank Centercon for giving us this exciting opportunity! It is very formative and useful for us exchange opinions and points of view with an extremely experienced community. Listening to the market needs is fundamental to improve our products.”


For more information, please contact:

Cristian Michelin
Luvata Italy Srl
Tel: +39 0432 772001
Email: cristian.michelin@luvata.com


About Centercon

In 25 years Centercon grown from a specialist in control technology to become the leading service provider for the installer in the refrigeration and air conditioning in The Netherlands. Centercon is organized around two business units: "refrigeration" and "air conditioning technology".

Based in Rotterdam and also offices in Rosmalen and Zwolle, Centercon have a good national coverage. Centercon together with Refritec, Wijbenga and Cool Green Solutions is part of the Jupiter Engineering Group. Centercon seeks the best performing technical wholesalers, bringing an inimitable and personal contribution to the success of installers and their work. Centercon is the leading service provider for installers in refrigeration and air conditioning.

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