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Luvata involved in completing “The Pearl of Moscow”

Catherine the Great started it; Luvata helped to complete it. Tsaritsino Palace in Moscow is finally receiving the finishing touches it has been waiting for.

Tsaritsino Palace in Moscow, Russia is finally reopened in the glorious form that was planned 200 years ago. The building work for this magnificent palace started in 1775 at the order of Catherine II, better known as ‘Catherine the Great’.

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The frame for the building was completed in 1783, but the project ran out of funds and a temporary roof was put on. For over two hundred years, the palace stood, mostly disused and without the copper roof that had been designed for it. “The Pearl of Moscow” remained incomplete.

In 2004 the Tsaritsino Palace became property of the city of Moscow and rebuilding started. It was decided to renew the roof with copper due to its elegant appearance and technical features. Despite a few changes, the main elements of the roof were built according to the original design.

Almost 20,000 square meters of 0.7 mm copper were used in the roof. The chosen solution was Luvata’s patented, prepatinated Nordic Green PLUS. Luvata also provided matching prepatinated rain water systems to the palace.

Luvata worked with multiple partners to be able to complete the work
  • Prefab Roof Panels: Bemo, Germany
  • Installation: Elgad, Russia
  • Project consultant: HFS International Ltd., Germany
  • Dealer: OOO Krosta, Russi
  • Architect: Mossprojekt 2


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