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Luvata launches Sunwire Calculator

Luvata Sunwire White 

Online tools help PV module manufacturers optimize solar ribbon weight, ribbon length per spool and ribbon length per solar panel

(4 June 2015) Luvata introduces its online solar ribbon calculator called the Sunwire Calculator.  Sunwire® is Luvata’s branded photovoltaic solar ribbon. The Sunwire Calculator enables photovoltaic module manufacturers to make more informed decisions concerning their solar ribbon needs.

Understanding solar ribbon is critically important to solar module efficiency and life cycle.  Solar ribbon width and thickness have to be carefully adapted to accommodate the limitations of module materials.  In addition, the yield strength, thickness and width of solar ribbon can directly influence production yields and decrease cell to module (CTM) losses by 20-30%. 

Sunwire Calculator: ribbon length per spoolWith the introduction of the Luvata Sunwire Calculator, PV module manufacturers can optimize the amount of Sunwire ribbon per spool to accommodate the speed of tabbing machines and shift changes.  In addition, it provides the opportunity to further refine module materials and Sunwire ribbon for improved module efficiency and reduce overall material costs.

The Sunwire Calculator requires a few simple details to determine the solar ribbon weight, the ribbon length per spool and even the ribbon length per solar panel.   The results are made available immediately and can be emailed directly to an email address. 

As PV module manufacturers look to reduce usage of silver paste in the cell metallization process, this can increase the number of interconnecting ribbons on the cell.  This offers lower costs, while improving the efficiency of the solar cells.  Playing with the Sunwire Calculator to determine the solar ribbon weight based on the copper width, copper thickness or coating thickness or the length of Sunwire depending on the number of cells and busbars per cells will help PV module manufactures determine the optimal results.

Visit www.luvata.com/sunwire-calculator to play today. Or stop by the Luvata booth A2.220 at Intersolar Europe 2015 in Munich, Germany June 10-12 for a personal demonstration.




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About Luvata

Luvata is a world leader in metal solutions manufacturing and related engineering services. Luvata’s solutions are used in industries such as renewable energy, power generation, automotive, medicine, air-conditioning, industrial refrigeration, and consumer products. The company’s continued success is attributed to its longevity, technological excellence and strategy of building partnerships beyond metals. Employing over 6,300 staff in 18 countries, Luvata works in partnership with customers such as Siemens, Toyota, CERN and Carrier. Luvata is owned by Nordic Capital funds V and VI.

Sunwire Evolution

Sunwire’s evolution is the journey from where we began, to where we want to be in reaching grid parity and beyond.  From a product that made the automated mass-production of photovoltaic solar panels possible, to the straightest, softest and flattest photovoltaic wire available on the market today.  Sunwire’s evolution continues to bring notable leaps forward in the evolution of solar photovoltaic wire.

Read more about Sunwire and our passion for improvements

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Sunwire Calculator

Refine your Sunwire solar ribbon needs for improved module efficiency and reduce overall material costs.

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The Sunwire Calculator datasheet

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