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Luvata relaunches new website

In the three years since our acquisition, Luvata has been on a huge journey of major restructuring and acquisitions of our own. During that time, the price of copper has gone up by 300% and come back down again and the global financial climate has turned to a storm.

Time moves on, and with changing times new expectations are set for design and interactivity of websites. As one of the world’s most significant industrial companies it is essential that our website delivers a high-quality, informative and accessible communication channel to our public. With our new website, we have done just that.

We have tried to make our Internet more helpful, innovative, and simpler to use. Here are a few highlights:

  • ECO, Coiltech, ElectroFin and other acquired companies are now all in this single site.
  • The web platform has huge room to grow into the future and, in 2009, will host the pages in other major languages, starting with Chinese.
  • The navigation has been enormously simplified to give a clearer user experience with far fewer mouse clicks.
  • Users can examine Luvata’s huge range of products and solutions from a market or a product perspective in a single navigation.

The contacts and enquiries page is more interactive and informative.

From our company history to our product specifications, from our media downloads to our renewable energy blog, from job opportunities to our strategy, navigating Luvata’s huge range of offerings is now simpler than ever.

Our website address, www.luvata.com, and all simple URLs remain the same, but hopefully you will be able find what you are looking for more quickly and easily than ever before. So please, go ahead and give it a try and let us know what you think. Email us at communications@luvata.com


Press contacts

Justin Roux
SVP Communications
Tel: +44 (0)208 380 0300

Susan Porter
Communications Manager
Publications & PR
Tel:  +740 368 7750

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