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Luvata leads discussion at AHR 2016

Luvata presentation at AHR 2016

On new generation refrigerants for commercial cooler applications

The 2016 International Air-Conditioning, Heating, Refrigerating Exposition (AHR Expo), held January 25-27 in Orlando, Florida, welcomed 60,926 registered attendees to the world's largest HVACR event. On Wednesday of the show, Umberto Di Barbora, Global Product Manager of Commercial Coolers for Luvata HTS, made a 20-minute presentation on new generation refrigerants for Commercial Cooler applications.


Luvata booth at AHR 2016

Pictured:  Luvata booth at AHR 2016.


"There is clearly renewed global awareness that something has to change in terms of reducing emissions and energy savings," indicates Di Barbora. The latest European and US directives (F-Gas, ErP 2015 and SNAP ) mandate reducing atmosphere emissions and Umberto Di Barbora, Global Product Manager of Commercial Coolers for Luvata HTSenergy-savings in commercial and industrial refrigeration systems. As a result, Di Barbora's presentation largely focused on these same themes.

As a first step in this direction, Di Barbora indicates companies are focusing on low GWP and natural refrigerants solutions, coupled with the opportunity to use technologically advanced thermodynamic and ventilation solutions.

A strong, long-time proponent for using natural refrigerants, Luvata ECO Heat Transfer Coolers solve many of these new challenges currently facing the commercial refrigeration market. Luvata HTS' global competence and many product configurations, help companies worldwide in overcoming these ongoing challenges.

"Environmentally friendly refrigerants come with special handling instructions. Additionally these units are more complex," indicates Di Barbora. "For many of our customers this is uncharted territory and they're looking to us for answers."


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