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Luvata partners with Gulf Coast Protective Coatings

To bring spray-applied coil corrosion protection to Gulf Coast Region

(8 January 2015) Luvata has partnered with Gulf Coast Protective Coatings to bring its branded Insitu® spray-applied coil and cabinet corrosion protection to Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana and the Florida Panhandle.

Luvata Insitu is a water-based, synthetic flexible polymer coating, engineered specifically to extend the lives of HVAC/R heat transfer coils and components. The spray-applied coating maintains operating efficiency while reducing maintenance and operating costs.

In 2012 Luvata established an extensive training program to certify Insitu applicators to meet the growing demand for coil and cabinet corrosion protection worldwide. “In partnering with Gulf Coast Protective Coatings to grow our network of licensed Insitu applicators, we will better serve our HVACR customers in the Gulf Coast area,” indicates Mike Powell, Head of Coatings for Luvata.

Gulf Coast Protective Coatings has been applying corrosion coatings in the Gulf Coast Region since 1992.  “We are extremely excited about our new partnership with Luvata,” said Joey Ryan, Sales Manager with Gulf Coast Protective Coatings.  “We believe that with our level of expertise in applying coatings and the quality product that Luvata provides, our customers will be getting the best in spray applied corrosion protection.”

Luvata offers two proven protective coatings for HVACR equipment - ElectroFin® E-coat and Luvata Insitu. Insitu is applied to equipment after market, whereas ElectroFin E-Coat is a factory-applied, full-immersion solution. They are recognized internationally by HVACR equipment manufacturers as the best corrosion protection coatings for coastal environments. 



About Luvata

Luvata is a world leader in metal solutions manufacturing and related engineering services. Luvata’s solutions are used in industries such as renewable energy, power generation, automotive, medicine, air-conditioning, industrial refrigeration, and consumer products. The company’s continued success is attributed to its longevity, technological excellence and strategy of building partnerships beyond metals. Employing over 6,300 staff in 18 countries, Luvata works in partnership with customers such as Siemens, Toyota, CERN, and DWD International.

For further information, please contact:

Dan Fisher          
Luvata ElectroFin          
Business Unit Manager for Spray Applied Operations    
Tampa, FL 33619       
Tel: +1 813 689 4282        
Email: dan.fisher[@]luvata.com      

Joey Ryan 
Gulf Coast Protective Coatings 
Sales Manager
Hattiesburg, MS 39402
Tel: +1 800 844 3722
Email: jryan[@]gcpcms.net 


Press contacts

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SVP Communications
Tel: +44 (0)208 380 0300

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Communications Manager
Publications & PR
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Insitu coating

Luvata Insitu® is a permanent, water-based, synthetic coating developed specifically for the protection of heat exchange units. Read more about Insitu

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