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Luvata provides sneak peek of new evaporator series

Targeting environmentally sustainable ammonia applications

(24 January 2012). Luvata is pleased to present its new series of evaporators for ammonia applications. The first glimpse of the new product is planned for early 2012, at a company-sponsored seminar held in Moscow on February 6th just prior to the Chillventa Rossja exhibition opening.

This is an additional step forward for Luvata in the development of environmentally sustainable products, that – over the years – has led the company to the adoption of design and technical solutions that offer better efficiency, a reduction in energy consumption, lower sound level emissions and a decrease in the quantity of fluids consumed in operation.  The new evaporator series features stainless steel tubes, suitable for ammonia applications.

A strong proponent for using natural refrigerants, Luvata has held a leading position in the use of CO2, both in the design of heat exchangers for the HVAC&R market and its ECO Coils&Coolers branded air units for civil, commercial and industrial applications in the refrigeration and air conditioning sectors.

The launch of unit coolers running with ammonia (NH3) is proof of Luvata’s ongoing commitment towards the adoption of natural refrigerants with zero environmental impact. The use of natural refrigerants contribute to the reduction of harmful emissions in the atmosphere, as per the standards set by the Durban (South Africa 2011) agreement that will lead to a considerable reduction of carbon dioxide emissions and power consumption, aiming at the containment of global warming starting in 2020.

“This new evaporator series is not yet available on the market, but it has received very favourable reviews from our clients during testing,” says Umberto Di Barbora, Product Manager for Coolers at Luvata HTS.  “We’re encouraged by this initial positive response and strong market demand for the environmentally friendly products and technical solutions we’re introducing. This gives us further encouragement, especially when you consider the strict reliability and safety standards that the ammonia applications require. Our partners’ interest and trust on this project reconfirms we’re on the right track.”

Production of the new ammonia series will begin in early 2012. Luvata is already working on the design of additional models that will be presented to the market during other events planned throughout the year.




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Luvata is a world leader in metal solutions manufacturing and related engineering services. Luvata's solutions are used in industries such as renewable energy, power generation, automotive, medicine, air-conditioning, industrial refrigeration, and consumer products.  The company's continued success is attributed to its longevity, technological excellence and strategy of building partnerships beyond metals. Employing over 6,400 staff in 13 countries, Luvata works in partnership with customers such as Siemens, Toyota, CERN, and DWD International.

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Luvata’s Heat Transfer Solutions is the leading global manufacturer of finned pack heat exchangers, playing a prominent role in the design and production of air units for the refrigeration and air conditioning sectors as well as AC refilling and maintenance equipment for the automotive industry. With a strong presence in America, Europe and Asia and plans for further expansion in emerging markets, Heat Transfer Solutions division is the reliable business partner for HVAC&R players worldwide.

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