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Luvata receives NA Copper in Architecture Award

Photo Credits: Nic Lehoux, Vancouver, BC, niclehoux.com

Unique perforated copper screens deliver beauty and thermal functionality

(July 23, 2010).  The third annual North American Copper in Architecture (NACIA) awards recognize the unique perforated copper screens supplied by Luvata Buffalo as part of the Marcus Nanotechnology Research Center Building in Atlanta, Georgia.  The 22,000-square-foot project includes perforated copper panel screens surrounding three sides of the building bringing control of daylight, airflow and thermal insulation along with the exterior’s aesthetic beauty.

Perforated to varying degrees around the center, the copper screens deliver controlled sunlight and airflow, depending on the desired visual and ventilation preferences.  Through its shading or sun reflecting capabilities, it offers improved thermal performance while at night the copper screens are backlit highlighting the building’s unique architectural appeal.

The architects designed the building to meet the rigorous LEED certification requirements that include solar control, rainwater harvesting, state-of-the-art mechanical systems and other similar features that work towards reducing the building’s environmental footprint.

“Due to its visual appeal, copper has been used in architecture for hundreds of years. Now there are endless ways to use copper’s thermal properties, corrosion resistance and durability to further enhance the benefits of using copper in architecture,” states Mark Krysiak, Sales and Marketing Manager with Luvata.  “Today we see as much focus on the environmental and life-cycle costs of using copper as the visual beauty, making it an ideal material to meet even the most demanding needs of architects.”

The $70 million project encompasses 190,000 square feet, including 30,000 square feet of cleanroom floor space for research along with space for related support functions.  The Marcus Nanotechnology Research Center building is among the nation’s leading nanotechnology research centers and one of the largest cleanroom facilities in the southeast.  The building’s modern exterior mirrors the excitement of the biotechnology research going on inside the facility.


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