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Luvata tinning line draws attention at Micronora fair

At the Micronora tradefair held in Besancon, France September 28 – October 1, visitors were drawn to the Luvata booth to learn more about the expansion of the Zutphen tinning line.  Micronora, which increasingly focuses on precision combined with miniaturization, provided the ideal location to launch discussions concerning Luvata’s updated product offering.

“Micronora is a very important exhibition in the microtechnology sector, specifically electronics, connectors and stamping, and it provided the ideal venue to discuss the potential of our tinning line products with customers,” indicates Manuel Alvarez, Sales & Marketing manager with Luvata Rolled Products.

Luvata, as a key supplier of raw materials for the stamping industry, was well represented at the fair with members from both of the Zutphen, Netherlands and Mortara, Italy service centres. The fair includes over 560 exhibitors and upwards of 15,000 visitors.

***Please note that, since the sale of the Rolled Products division to Aurubis on 1 September 2011, enquiries concerning this product should be addressed to info@aurubis.com.***



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