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Luvata’s ECO-Heatcraft Division launches its new CTE 350

January 10, 2007
CTE 350 is the newest addition to Luvata’s CTE range, suitable for a number of commercial applications in cold rooms and storage spaces, for the refrigeration and preservation of fresh and frozen products.

The new CTE 350 fits into the product range between CTE 315 and ICE 450 and has a capacity range from 3,2 to 26 kW, offering more linearity to range performance.

There are three different fin spacings available (4.0, 6.0 and 8.5 mm), in order to cover all possible food preservation applications. The endplates of the coils are made from aluminium, designed to avoid possible damage to tubes.

The casework is manufactured from a magnesium aluminium alloy meeting Luvata’s high quality standards. It is fitted with special air flow separators between the ventilating sections and the inner drip tray, shaped to prevent stagnation and useless air flow.

The external rotor single-phase fan motors are equipped with a sickle-bladed profile designed to obtain the maximum air flow available with a 4-pole speed.

It comes with standard ED type defrosting; an enhanced version, EDP, is available for high risk installations, due to possible ice build-up (in the case of low temperatures and high humidity).

New concept electric heaters are characterised by a special bend and by a stainless steel fixing bracket.

The packaging is manufactured from cardboard, strengthened by appropriate wooden braces. In order to facilitate handling, the headers and reinforcement positions are clearly marked.

These are the main features of the new CTE 350: for further information, do not hesitate to contact our Technical Service.

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