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Luvata’s ISC Systems promote functional tests as a means of competitiveness

May 23, 2008
Research, design, production and service. These are the main stages in the success obtained by Luvata’s ISC Systems, leader in the production of equipment for automotive air-conditioning system maintenance.

In the value creation chain, quality plays a crucial role as it is the primary factor that differentiates a company from its competitors. With this in mind, the functional tests that ISC Systems conducts on all of its equipment prior to launching it on the market provide a keystone for ensuring consistent reliability.

Developed using special software installed in the machine memory, and conducted by using special test benches, ISC Systems’ functional tests are mainly the electric and pneumatic type.

Electrical tests verify the quality and reliability of electrical components on the machine (operation of safety devices, wiring, motor ignition and switching on of solenoid valves, transducer calibration, etc.). Pneumatic tests ensure system tightness by checking for leaks.

ISC Systems believes this last step is of critical importance. This is why the tests are carried out twice, with the system under pressure and under vacuum, in both cases monitoring pressure stability over time.

Electrical safety tests are also performed before a product is launched on the market, ensuring the safety of the entire system and – consequently – of the final user.

‘The decision to perform such thorough testing on our machines has turned out to be an absolute winner’ said Stefano Collavini, Systems Technical Manager, who added: ‘The commitment in terms of time and manpower, as well as the financial commitment is more than repaid by a satisfied market’.

Thanks to the rigorous testing procedure, ISC Systems has significantly cut down the service department’s work load, due to a reduction in the number of quality-related problems.

Andrea Dozio, Sales Manager, added: ‘In an increasingly competitive market, product reliability creates trust between the customer and the supplier; an element of competitiveness that is difficult for others to match but which provides long-lasting results that benefit both parties’.

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