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SIFA triumphs in France and Luvata HTS prevails at SIFA

Luvata at SIFA 2016 Nantes France

The two-day 2016 SIFA "Salon Interprofessionnel du Froid et de ses  Applications” (Interprofessional Refrigeration and its Application) trade show took place September 14-15 in Nantes, France. This is the reference trade show dedicated to the commercial and industrial refrigeration sector in France.

France is Europe’s top agricultural producer and exporter, and it ranks among the top wheat producers worldwide. An important part of France’s economy is based on an efficient supply chain in the agri-food sector. Thanks to the hard work and competence of refrigeration experts, French milk, fruits, vegetables, wines, meat and their by-products reach tables all over the world. This is the setting of SIFA's success; it is the ability to bring together the refrigeration players with agri-food industries by helping them to build business relationships and to share their know-how.

SIFA was attended by about 120 exhibitors, with over 1500 operators and 25 conferences focusing on future scenarios and issues related to energy efficiency of the installations and the application of the F-Gas legislation. The event included a series of successful technical seminars dedicated to installers and refrigeration players. 


Latest Luvata HTS solutions on display at SIFA 

Luvata HTS booth at SIFA 2016

Luvata HTS has been a driving force for energy efficiency issues and CO2 diffusion and it has been giving its support to the market with insights about the F-Gas legislation and its implementation. Luvata HTS participated in the event with a booth showing two units built with the latest technology.

Luvata HTS also provided its contributions to the debate by holding a conference entitled "Développer the efficacité de l'installation de réfrigération à travers les composants les plus indiqués par rapport aux nouvelles directives européennes" (Develop the efficiency of refrigeration systems through the most appropriate components relative to new European directives; F-Gaz et Erp2015).

"It was a good opportunity to meet with many of our French customers and potential customers, and an opportunity to raise awareness of the huge range of – ECO Heat Transfer Coolers – branded products. Events like this allow an immediate view of actual trends," confirms Francesco Tonel (Luvata HTS Sales Manager for France and SIFA conference lecturer).  "Along with Mr. Philippe Weber, a well-known face in the refrigeration sector in France, our presentation highlighted our commitment and support to our many partners in France.”

Umberto Di Barbora (Global Product Manager Commercial Coolers with Luvata HTS) adds: "It is essential we demonstrate products at SIFA that represent our commitment to new technologies and our devotion to improving energy efficiency.  The market is asking for practical solutions that we are able to provide today.”

On display at the SIFA expo were two top-of-the-line Luvata products: a KCE CO2 with two Ø800mm EC (electronically commutating) fan motors, the first equipped with AXITOP® and FLOWGRID® from EBM; and the second unit with ZN ZAPLUS® from Zhiel-Abegg.  This unit contained a heat exchanger coated with ElectroFin® E-Coat technology by Luvata; and a brand new cubic series CGC CO2 cooler with three Ø315mm fan-motors - one standard, one EC and one EC equipped with AXICOOL® from EBM. 

Luvata HTS is committed to bringing the latest solutions to market and in the belief that a technological leap forward for the entire sector - must include compliance with the new regulations.  That is essential. 

We are planning other events, please stay tuned. 


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