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Silver Futura Diag - the latest ISC Systems development excels in innovation and performance

December 18, 2007
Luvata’s ISC Systems is one of the main European players for the planning and production of R124a recovery, recycling, emptying and loading in automotive air conditioning systems maintenance.

The extreme reliability that ISC Systems equipment is known for is the result of continuous product innovation in performance, function, ergonomics and design, due to a noteworthy legacy of internal knowledge and experience and collaboration with the most prestigious OEM air conditioning and automotive companies.

The latest ISC Systems development, the Silver Futura DIAG is an automatic station that offers highly innovative services and guarantees maximum ease-of-use. Its four-line alphanumeric display presents easy-to-read characters and a menu offering quick and simple service setup or, in the case of possible functional anomalies, clearly explains how to proceed in resolving the problem. Besides the Flushing functions, and the cleaning of the system with the same R134a refrigerant each time the system undergoes maintenance, the Diagnosis function allows for the evaluation, either before or after a service, of the correct functioning of the air-conditioning system and/or any actions that need to be taken in order to make it more efficient. Moreover, the automatic hose Emptying function allows for extremely accurate charging.

Through its advanced software and annually updated automobile database via memory card, the Silver Futura DIAG allows ISC Systems to retrieve details of previous services performed (thorough memorisation and printing of the license plate number) and a monthly report of the gas in/out (in order to establish the amount of gas that was handled, in conformance with European regulations).
The standard graphic printer offers receipt personalisation and reprinting of the last receipt. The automotive database contains both the history as well as updates of the newer automobile models available and allows for the insertion of twenty extra models according to the user’s choice. Finally, the software allows for a choice of one of twenty available languages and it can be further modified.

The Silver Futura DIAG is in a stylish design, with the attention to detail and the customary solidity and reliability that ISC Systems products have been offering to the market for more than twenty years.

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