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Luvata brings nature home to architectural exhibition in China

Green patinated facade blends seamlessly with nature

(5 March 2009:) Global metals-manufacturing and technology company Luvata has been awarded a high profile contract for its patinated ‘Nordic Green’ copper building façade.  The facade has been chosen for the highly acclaimed Boat House residence, part of the internationally recognized project China International Practical Exhibition of Architecture (CIPEA).  The unique copper facade co-exists with the Boat House’s natural surroundings to deliver a picturesque view of the hillside.

Located north of the city of Nanjing, in the Pear Spring Tourism Area, CIPEA showcases the design achievements of 24 world-renowned architects from China, Japan, England, Mexico, Spain, Finland, Czech, Bulgaria and the USA.  It is projected to draw over two million visitors in its opening year.  The exhibition combines art, culture and nature, and the Boat House, which was designed by Finnish architect Matti Sanaksenaho of Sanaksenaho Arkkitehdit Oy, demonstrates this.

Nordic Green Living 1The Nordic Green facade, based on interlocking panels of 0.7 mm, covers approximately 1500m2 of the outside of the Boat House blending seamlessly with the natural green forest that surrounds the building.  Luvata’s Nordic series of profiles, panels, facades and cassettes are durable, low maintenance and available in a variety of colours to meet the most demanding architectural requirements.

”Copper has been an architecture staple for hundreds of years.  However, Luvata’s copper patinated products offer greater creative flexibility in meeting our architectural vision.  In addition copper is 100% recyclable and durable, fitting perfectly with the natural theme of CIPEA,” states Matti Sanaksenaho.

The Boat House features a roof top terrace with fireplace, delivering a panoramic view of the  bay area along with the peaceful sounds of nearby streams and birds.  The interior of the villa includes a combination of different local woods and natural stone with a wall of windows on the west side of the villa highlighting breathtaking views of the water and surrounding lush green trees. 

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About Luvata

Luvata is the leading international metals supplier of solutions, services, components and materials for manufacturing and construction. Luvata’s solutions are used in industries such as power generation, architecture, automotive, transport, medicine, air-conditioning, industrial refrigeration, consumer products and construction. The company’s continued success is attributed to its longevity, technological excellence and strategy of building partnerships beyond metals. Employing over 8,000 staff in 18 countries, Luvata works in partnership with customers such as Siemens, Toyota, CERN, Shaaz, and DWD International.   


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