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VCC Cube – the clever box that saves your space

November 5, 2007
Anticipation of market trends and complete focus on our customer’s needs have always been the key stimuli for ECO’s actions. Thanks to this mentality, ECO is always ready to offer the most up-to-date solutions in terms of product design, technology and efficiency.

The new VCC Cube originates from this background and combines high reliability and top performances with practicality.

VCC range of air cooled condensers for commercial and industrial applications has been further extended with the introduction of a special “Cube”: attached to the condenser, the “cube” is a special compressor/electric panel board which houses in only one site all of the system’s equipment.

The advantage of such choice is immediately visible when compared to a traditional system: VCC Cube eliminates the need for a dedicated remote room, saving space and installation costs; moreover, it avoids the time consuming design of external power connections and installation requirement.

Thanks to its special features, VCC Cube is easy to ground and - in order to make transportation handy and economical - the Cube is provided in basic components, ready for quick assembly. In addition to these features, the whole equipment, once fully fitted, can still be easily moved, thanks to specifically designed lifting devices.

The Cube’s soundproof material meets the strictest acoustic regulations, which makes it suitable for any application in built-up areas.

The entire condensers range is equipped with high efficiency coils made from special “air intake” profile aluminium fins and inner grooved copper tubes, suitable for new generation refrigerants. The casing for all the models is made from pre-painted galvanised metal sheets that make it resistant in aggressive atmospheres. The special electronic commutating fan set, that allows significant energy saving along with a perfect speed control, is available and customised – together with other special features - upon request.

To learn more about this brand new model and its special features, contact our Technical Department via enquiries.

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