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Adopting sustainable future

Quick poll: Which do you think requires more development if mankind is to adopt a more sustainable future: Current Attitude or New Technology?


Comment from Justin Roux, Senior Vice-President of Communications and Director of Group Environmental Policy:

"This is interesting. The last 5 years have seen a huge attitude shift towards sustainability but the result of this poll clearly shouts out for more. Perhaps the shift in attitude has yet to turn into enough actions or perhaps voters felt that the shift hasn't occurred in the right places.

I think that 2009 will see change - there is more to the current state of the world than the financial climate. I think we are seeing a swing in public attitude away from "gain for gain's sake" and towards taking a more responsible, sociable and less wasteful stance - it's early days, but that can only be good news. I think there is a healthy level of product potential in emerging technologies but, at the same time, existing technologies haven't being exploited enough. For example, solar thermal technology, which was under-exploited in the public space, is only now being offered to residential customers by many companies.

In a corporate sense, the financial downturn may be a barrier to investment in sustainability. This is an attitude issue. I believe that good financial returns, robust business conduct and real savings from proactive policies can work together very well indeed.

Overall, I think this poll result reflects a continuing drive for more to be done - this is great because without a driving force, nothing will happen."

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