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At the top of G20 summit agenda

Quick poll: As the G20 summit begins,
what should be at the top of the agenda?

Renewable energy  28 % Poverty 10 %
Climate change 19 % Human overpopulation 10 %
Terrorism 15 % Nuclear proliferation 6 %
Financial prosperity 11 %


Justin Roux, Senior Vice-President of Communications comments:

This has been our best-attended poll so far. Just looking at the poll categories, I can see two sorts – problems and solutions. In solutions, we see financial prosperity and renewable energy. In problems, we see climate change, poverty, nuclear proliferation, terrorism and human overpopulation.

The G20 summit began in the shadow of North Korea’s missile tests and some uncomfortable exchanges with Iran – Nuclear proliferation and terrorism were therefore reported highly on the agenda. I’m going to be fairly controversial here because I can’t comment without allowing my own opinions to creep into the argument.

There are simply too many human beings on Earth for us to support ourselves in the way we’ve been doing it up until now. I was born into a world of only 4 billion people. In my short lifetime, that figure has risen by 75%. We consume more, demand more and, in our search for resources with ever more sophisticated technology, encroach more and more into each other’s lives and spaces. Some cultures fit together like buried polythene bags fit with healthy soil. That doesn’t mean either of them are wrong, it just means that they don’t cohabit well – a bit like sharks and swimmers. Choose where to swim – do you really need to bathe in deep water off the Cape?

Financial prosperity and renewable energy are a start, but aren’t we are just finding ways to continue funding and fuelling a way of occupying the planet that isn’t sustainable? Perhaps it’s time to embrace a greater level of simplicity – to simply want less. And maybe it’s also time to study the older, simpler cultures and, instead of destroying their habitats, vilifying their religions and turning them into tourist hotspots, marvel at how they don’t need a 300-horsepower car to join a queue of a hundred thousand others and eat an unnecessary drive-through meal on the way to a building that could heat itself, but doesn’t… and sit there alone emailing people who are somewhere else.

As an example, let me quote the wonderful new advert from Renault: “Has there even been a finer creation than the motor car? It’s been making people happy and playing its part in every major revolution in society, but is it still in tune with the needs of today?” Watch the whole thing on YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IwfML5k76Bs.

It’s time to fix things. I’m happy to say that Luvata is playing a big part in taking the things we use today and making them less costly to the world. That’s the start but there is something that would make me even happier than seeing self-heating buildings, zero-emission cars and world leaders who meant it when they shook hands. It would be seeing our children look over the tops of the gaming consoles and the corrupt song lyrics that we feed them and hearing them say: “I’ve got a better idea.”


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