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Biggest driving force behind the uptake of renewable energy

Quick poll: Who do you think is the biggest driving force behind the uptake of renewable energy?


Comment from Olli Naukkarinen, Luvata's Photovoltaic Business Director

Here are some simple facts: no matter how much we attempt to save, the world is going to need more and more energy. At the same time, climate change is a reality. Energy generation is the biggest man-made contributor to global warming, so developing renewable energy sources is a necessity.
It all sounds good, but at an individual or personal level, it's not difficult to see the resistance to real actions. I share the poll opinion that the governments must take the leading role in renewable energy exploitation. There are still countries in which some private, grid-connected power generation systems are frankly illegal among other legislative obstacles. And today, in most cases, renewable energy is more expensive than conventional so some kind of financial incentive programs must be laid out. Governments must lead by example and smoothen the way to utilise the renewable energy sources that are available.

Industry needs to keep developing and manufacturing products for utilising renewable energy and to train consumers and investors to use them. Equally important to the market economy is the real need for products so that we, as consumers, can take our stand by buying products and utilising systems based on renewable energy.


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