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In terms of future availability, which of the following worries you most?


  • Untouched habitats (forests etc.) 17%
  • Water 44%
  • Energy 22%
  • Land 7%
  • Basic foods (rice etc.) 10%


Comment by Susan Porter, Communications Manager at Luvata:

With the results from this poll, two conflicting thoughts enter my mind. Is our behaviour aligned with what worries us most?  Do the poll results suggest our confidence in finding viable energy alternatives?

Often I find myself spending time doing little things that add no value or little value to my life.  Watching TV, surfing the web, Facebook, etc., is this really a good use of my time?  Am I spending my spare time on the things that matter most to me?  In terms of prioritizing my work day, do I gravitate towards the easier tasks first and never really get to the projects that will have a bigger impact?

If almost half of the people polled are concerned most with the future availability of water, are the same 44% also doing something about what worries them most?  Afterall, worrying alone isn’t going to fix anything.

On the other hand, 22% of respondents worry most about the future availability of energy.  If someone would have asked me to predict the poll results, I would have guessed that energy would have been the biggest worry of poll respondents.  

Could the recent reprioritization of renewable energy alternatives (solar, wind, tides, etc.,) be reflected in the poll results?  Perhaps the lower than expected 22% of poll respondents are confident that we will find alternatives to the non-renewable energy resources we rely on today?  Or maybe my instincts are simply wrong.

Regardless of which resource we are most concerned about, perhaps it’s more interesting or productive to know if our actions are aligned with what worries us the most?  Yes, I'm getting off Facebook and going to visit my sister now.

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