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Legislation focus to reverse global warming

Quick poll: If legislation is to be used to reverse global warming, where should it focus most?



Susan Porter, Communications Manager comments:

Did 50% vote for industry because industry seems like the obvious choice? Supplying the demands of our burgeoning population and the emergence of higher living standards in the third world must certainly take their toll on energy supply. But maybe enough is already being done in some sectors. We already know that regulations are in place setting new standards in motors, which account for 50% of all of Europe's energy usage. The regulations could save up to 20TWh - many times the output of the continent's entire wind energy quota.

Green issues have become vote-winners, and that means that the public are beginning to care. I can't help but think that we're getting to the end of an era in which short term financial gain takes precedence over environmental issues - most business strategists now agree that taking a greener stance is not only a brand-builder or a revenue generator, but something that companies have to take on if they're not to lose business.

On 27th of March this year, at 8:30pm all over the world, people will be switching off for an hour to show that they care. Last year, Paris, Las Vegas, London and many other cities that are known for their lights showed that something mattered more. If the golden rule of business is to give customers what they want, a huge message is being sent out. In business, the end user will vote with his wallet.

As consumers’ appetite grows for greener, more sustainable products and services, businesses will eventually have to take heed.  The sooner we recognize that we all play a role in reversing global warming, the sooner we will succeed.

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