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Most popular strategy for emerging from recession

Quick poll: What do you believe will be the most popular strategy for companies emerging from recession?


Justin Roux, Senior Vice-President of Communications comments:

In the last few months, I have been to many seminars and read many articles on public mentality during (and after) times of crisis - the results of this poll confirm many things that I have discussed. 66% of respondents shout "innovation!", 21% look for price and only 13% look for bespoke service. Fascinating.

There are many exciting opportunities in innovation. Recently, Luvata announced its integrated solar-roofing solutions. There are many more to speak of. However, what really interests me, in my role, is public behaviour - so that's what I'd like to talk about.

Here are some basic thoughts: in times of crisis, people 'contract'. Just like a hedgehog curls into a ball, they shrink into a safe space and concentrate on the essential things. They also tend to entrust less of their life to others and they attempt to take more control of it themselves. Finally, when the storm begins to subside, they look to the future - to when the crisis will be over. They start to think about when life will be good again.

Don't the results of this survey suggest to you that people are looking for the bright new future? The recession is losing its grip and they're looking for a new world. Are you surprised to see that bespoke-service offerings are the least popular in this tough climate in which people are looking after themselves? What amazes me is not the order of popularity of the vote, but by how much 'innovation' is more popular than 'price'. This says to me that, in their minds, people are coming out of the recession. They are still cautious with spending, but they are eager to see bright new things - and to discover them for themselves.

I've been very sociological in saying this - let me summarise.

I think that, one-by-one, people are stepping into a new era. 

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