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What should mankind focus its energy investments on?


Comment from Justin Roux,
SVP, Luvata, and engineer

Whenever I read poll results, I am always left with more questions than answers. I can live with that. I have a proverb that says “do not judge a person by their answers but by their questions.”

I wonder if this poll is telling the powers-that-be where they should spend their money or if it’s showing us where the voters have faith in the future. I wonder how many voters wanted to vote for more than one category. Nonetheless, this poll forced them to choose just one and the results are strong.

We can see that there is no future for doing things the way we have been doing. Almost twice as many people say we should consume less as voted for both of the conventional approaches combined. Four times as many people are willing to put their faith in the almost undiscovered technology of nuclear fusion than in to conventional nuclear fission.

Above all, renewable energies got almost 50% of the total vote and that’s a very loud message indeed. In my opinion it’s a very good long-term message. Personally, my vote went to ‘consuming less’. I know this won’t do anything to restore industrial growth but I question the logic of finding new ways to feed energy into a wasteful world – it’s like trying to solve childhood obesity by finding new ways to make burgers.


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