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What would you say is the colour of copper?


This innocent poll attracted twice as many votes as any other poll we have ever conducted… so don’t blame us for wasting time. In fact, it’s so important that one person (who we nicknamed the Red Baron) voted “red” every 7 seconds for 34 votes. Sorry, but we only counted that as one vote – but thanks for the effort. You must be very busy.

Anyway, this is clearly an issue of gigantic significance so we asked some of the most senior minds in the industry to give their opinions on the result.

Michaela Hessling, Head of Group Communications, Aurubis:

What a question! There is only one answer: Red! Because Aurubis is derived form the Latin words “aurum rubrum” (red gold).  Another - quite female - proof: My hairdresser has at least seven different shades of COPPER RED on his shelf… can that many women be wrong?

Hermann Kersting, KME Germany AG & Co. KG, Communication Rolled Products/Head of Project Sales Domestic Building Products, KME:

To cut a long story short: the colour of copper is often referred to as a very specific one: the colour “copper”. And – strangely enough – everybody has an immediate sensation of what it’s like.”

Justin Roux, Senior Vice-President, Luvata:

I’m shocked. 84% of the world is clearly colour-blind. Copper is the colour of salmon, right? And salmon is pink! What colour was Eric Clapton’s guitar? “Salmon Pink”. QED. So, if salmon is pink, then so is copper. Beef is red, chocolate is brown and oranges are orange. Those of you who think copper is red, brown or orange, I’m NEVER going to eat at your house because we’ll all die of food poisoning.

Macarena Gutierrez, Senior Vice-President CFO, Atlantic Copper:

Today I was reading the Financial Times with my copper pen next to the newspaper and I suddenly realised they have exactly the same colour!!!!!...... The economic press will now be known as “COPPER PRESS”

Gonzalo Cuadra, Managing Director, Codelco Services Ltd:

Copper is red in history, literature and technical folklore. I must say that a nice and clean cathode looks like a beautiful pink to me. But, after all, I yield to tradition and I stay with “the red metal” for copper and the “yellow metal” for gold.

And finally, we gave the last word to THE European lady of authority in such issues.

#B87333Irina Dumitrescu, Communications Manager at European Copper Institute:

Well, let's be serious! There is only one copper colour and that's #B87333 (see sample).
So – there you have it – the issue of copper’s colour cannot be summed up in words. It’s a HEX code.


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