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Which global trend do you hope we get a handle on in 2014?

Luvata commentary by Justin Roux

Response by Justin Roux, Senior Vice-President, Luvata


Inaction on climate change 86%

Persisting unemployment 8%

Widening income disparity 4%

Electronic information gathering and disclosure 2%


Well, this was a fairly clear result, wasn’t it? It was also one of the highest vote counts we’ve ever seen on a poll.

It makes sad reading, I think. In 2006, rising voices of protest about climate change were united with the film ‘An Inconvenient Truth’, which stated how inconvenient it is that man’s progress is ruining the planet which hosts him. What followed was massive wave of public attention and discussions on television, on the internet and in the papers. In turn, the attention and discussions lead to comments and promises from the leaders of nations and industries.

This simply HAD to happen because the new internet generation who posts tweets and videos and blogs can, in its masses, bring down companies and governments. The mass mind was whipped into a storm by Al Gore’s film and the popular press; it demanded action and so the discussions began.

And then there was a recession.

With the recession came a tide of new things for the popular press to discuss – new scandals and collapses and miseries to point a spotlight upon. Within half a year, the media attention on climate change stopped and public opinion followed. And when public opinion followed, the leaders of industry and nations followed, too. Climate change remained today’s problem but became yesterday’s news. It was replaced by a bigger problem: our apathy towards it. Al Gore was right; it’s simply inconvenient right now when we have a recovery to deal with.

This story tells me two things: firstly that the monster of climate change has been eaten by our inactivity towards it. It also tells me that, no matter what we say, the popular press still drives the power of the mass mind. That means that a precious few still set the music to which our angers dance.

When we are ruled by religion we are a theocracy. When we are ruled by an autocrat we are an autocracy. When we are ruled by the masses we are a democracy. If these words are true and we are ruled by the media…

It’s mediocracy. Look it up. Ruled by the mediocre.

Please. Not now. Not while there’s a planet to care for.


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