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Which of these has the greatest influence on your purchasing decisions?


  • Blogging or review channels 44%
  • Pinterest 16%
  • Facebook 15%
  • YouTube 15%
  • Twitter 11%

Comment by Susan Porter, Communications Manager with Luvata

The poll results suggest that blog sites or review channels have the greatest influence on purchasing decisions. This really doesn’t surprise me. I think it’s great that influence can belong to any person; after all anyone can start a blog site.

That's an interesting point in itself. Twenty years ago you had to be a writer and have an agent if you wanted to be published. Now you can just buy a URL and promote yourself to the profession of author. A word of caution to all cyber-Shakespeares though: typing your thoughts about the bamboo floor you’ve just bought doesn’t elevate you into being a good writer. You're an expert in your own world. Anyone can call themselves an expert on their own blog site.

Here's a word of wisdom for the social media generation: "people are drowning in information but thirsting for meaning".

And I don't think you'll find that meaning on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, or any blog site. You'll just find the opinions of people who are experts of their own footprint. And that's a great thing. The Internet hasn't brought us any closer to the answers to the questions that really matter. It's just made all the points of view a bit more accessible. In the end, choices and opinions are still our own.

Maybe my views are skewed with the upcoming U.S. presidential election, but I find it difficult to find ANY articles or information that are objective anymore. Paid endorsements, ulterior motives or even moderators seem to sway the tone. Yes - even my Facebook account is ready to have the election over.

What I think is best about blog sites, or even Twitter, YouTube and Facebook, is that it gives everyone the opportunity to be heard. A collective voice and a collective responsibility, and yet individuals - not to be taken lightly, nor viewed too seriously. We should remember it’s the sentiment or opinion of one person, but there may be 7,075,004,962 other people with a differing view.


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