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Electrical and Electronics Wire

Copper Alloy Wire

We supply copper, brass, tin brass, tin bronze and high performance alloys for electrical and electronic connectors and interconnection systems.

As a leader in the production of copper and speciality copper alloy strip and wire products, we are constantly developing new cost-effective, high performance material solutions. Our unique process technologies enable us to provide local supply to meet the most demanding requirements.

Our Application Engineering Teams work closely with our customers to create special-purpose products and processes, which we believe help our customers to maximise the value of their products and enhance their competitive edge.

Luvata supplies a full range of alloy wires for electrical and electronic applications for:

  • Electrical connectors
  • Electrical devices
  • Wire wound components

Alloys Produced

  • Brasses
  • Phosphorous brasses
  • Aluminium bronzes
  • Silicon bronzes
  • Tin brasses
  • Cupro nickels
  • High copper alloys
  • Nickel silvers

Shapes and Sizes

  • Round wire from 0.012” to 1.000” (0.095” max for plated wire)
  • Square wire from 0.012” to 0.072” (0.050” max for plated wire)
  • Rectangular wire down to 0.010” thick and widths up to 0.060”
  • Special shapes and serrations are available on request.

Key Material Specifications

  • C260 “70-30” brass is produced to meet ASTM B 134 requirements
  • C510 “Grade A” phos bronze is produced to meet ASTM B 159
  • Customer specifications reviewed upon request.


  • Tin plating over either bare wire or with a nickel or copper undercoat
  • Controlled to meet the solderability requirements of Mil Std 202 method 208F and DIN IEC 68-2-20.


Precision layer wound square wire is available on a wide variety of reels with weight capacities of 5lbs to 250 lbs: round wire up to 1000 lbs / reel.

Wire Wound Components

Luvata also supplies the wire products which are needed for complex, but reliable, electronic systems. Luvata produces a number of wire solutions in various alloys and shapes for the electronic components used in the computer, audio-video and ballast industries.

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