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Our History


We became ‘Luvata’ in May 2006, following the acquisition of Outokumpu Copper Products. With that purchase, came over four centuries of pioneering achievements in metal manufacture from all over the world.



Solving problems in partnership

When we became Luvata, we asked our customers what they thought of us, and what they wanted from us.

  • They said we were experienced, knowledgeable and trustworthy. They said we solved problems.
  • They said they wanted us to stop simply supplying them with products and start bringing our experience deeper into their businesses – to become more of a partner, beyond simply supplying metal.

Since that time, Luvata has acquired other companies and groups and divested its Rolled Products division – a move that consolidated this sector into a more healthy position.

Today, we are in more places and more markets than almost any other company we can think of. We are doing what we do best – helping to solve our customers’ challenges by doing marvellous things in metal and manufacture. 

Partnerships beyond metals

At Luvata, we are committed to partnering with our customers to help them increase their competitiveness. Our products and services enable our customers to improve operational efficiency, improve products and reduce tied-up capital. 

Our name "Luvata" comes from a Finnish word meaning "to promise".

Just some of the products Luvata has pioneered

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