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Air flow scheme   
Performance ranges
  • Air cooled condensers capacity: from 108 to 1352 kW *
  • Airflow: from 29.500 to 352500 m3/h
  • Sound pressure level: from 30 to 60 dB A (10 m)
  • Dry coolers and CO2 gas coolers: customized on demand 
Coil features
  • High heat exchange efficiency
  • Designed with special "Air Intake" profile aluminum fins and inner grooved copper tubes
  • Fin spacing: 2,1 mm
  • Charge: dry air at 2 bars
Casing features Made of a pre-painted galvanized metal sheet
Fan motor features
  • Diameter: 800 mm
  • Three-phase, with external rotor
  • Voltage: 400V/3/50Hz
  • Sickle blade
  • Protection grade: IP 54
  • Class of insulation: F
  • Internal thermal contact protection
Fan guard features Manufactured from epoxy-coated steel, according to EN 294 standards
Testing Heat exchangers are supplied clean and tested at a pressure of 30 bars
* Published capacity: ambient temperature = 25 °C; condensing temperature = 40 °C; refrigerant R404A (standard EN 327).

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