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Versions Air unit heater ATDI for heating air with liquid, steam or oil. ATDI is designed to be sturdy and flexible with a number of possible combinations in terms of heat exchangers, motors and casings
Sizes ATDI are available in three sizes: 44, 55 and 66
Airflow direction
  • Liquid heaters can be installed for both horizontal and vertical airflow
  • Steam heaters may be installed for horizontal airflow only
Performance ranges
  • Airflow up to 2,2 m3/s
  • Capacity: 10-75 kW (depending on the choise of heat exchanger)
Coil features
  • High heat exchange efficiency
  • Designed with fins of aluminium, coated aluminium, copper, aluzink coated or galvanized steel
  • Tubes of copper, galvanized steel or acid proof steel
Casing features Made of hot-galvanized sheet steel, 304 stainless sheet steel or 316 stainless sheet steel
Fan motor features
  • Single-phase 230 V or 3-phase, 400 V power supply
  • Protection grade: IP 44: size 30, 33, 44. IP 54: size 55, 66 
  • External or internal rotor type
  • Maximum operating temperature: +50°C on air inlet, inside up to +325°C depending on material and type of media 
  • Fan impeller and protective grille: Sheet steel/wire, painted black
Miscellaneous One air deflector is included as standard
Testing Heat exchangers are leakage tested using dry air under water
Options and Accessories
  • Other motors such as sparkproof motors and motors having higher IP-class
  • Other dimensions and materials than standard
  • Material for corrosive environments available
  • Broad range of accessories

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