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Condenser Coils

Condenser coil

Luvata produces a broad range of condenser coils for HVAC&R applications, specifically designed to our customers’ exact specifications.

Fin spacing and surface, tube pitch, circuiting and design can be varied to assure best performance while maintaining air and tube-side pressure-drop limitations.

Luvata's in-depth understanding of the condensing process includes desuperheater, condenser and subcooler phases, uniquely combined to optimise system performance and efficiency.


This coil takes the superheated vapour from the compressor and cools it down to a specific temperature above saturation.


This coil takes the superheated vapour from the compressor and cools it to saturation. It then completely condenses all of the vapour into liquid, and continues to a specific temperature below saturation.


This type of coil receives the liquid refrigerant from a condenser and further cools the liquid refrigerant below its saturation point to a desired exit temperature.

  • Commercial and industrial refrigeration
  • Mobile air conditioning
  • Commercial and residential air conditioning
  • Heat pump


Tube material

  • Copper
  • Copper nickel

Additional tube material available upon request

Fin material

  • Copper
  • Precoated aluminum
  • Copper nickel

Additional fin material available upon request

Luvata Heat Transfer Solutions division

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Formicary Corrosion

Formicary corrosion is a key issue for HVAC&R systems. Switching to aluminium reduces the risk, but why compromise copper's superior heat-transfer capabilities?

Luvata can offer both corrosion-resistant coatings and specialised alloys which remove the corrosion problem and allow the use of the best material for the application.

Thunder Horse

Luvata assisted DWD International in the development and design of the air equipment for the world's largest semi-submersible oil platform.

Working closely together, we developed condenser coils that not only cooled the control room and motor control centre, but also the living quarters for the 229 people on board.

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